Real Estate Services

GRISS provides top quality real estate services in commercial properties like stores, offices, industrial buildings, hotels and residential properties such as apartments, houses, villas and on land plots. Services include but not limited to property management, leasing or selling property, mediation, research for purchase or lease, assignment and promotion, etc. In all the above categories of real estate, the company undertakes, manages and promotes properties that meet certain quality criteria and economic fundamentals and only when assignor’s expectations keep up with the philosophy and the estimation of the company. Thessaloniki urban and suburban area is the main activity field while the entire Greek territory and selected countries of the European Union are covered through our certified network, mostly as investment destinations. For more information visit PROPERTIES or contact us on by clicking here.

Engineering Services
Main activity of engineering services is the provision of reliable and authoritative advice for real estate values in order to draw the proper investment strategy or for any kind of other legal needs with equally documentation and representation in court (expropriation disputes, inheritance, etc.). The service is provided by certified engineers-appraisers who are closely following the developments, trends and progress of land, properties and values ensuring the reliability and integrity of the provided estimates. The company may also undertake the design and execution of architectural and engineering projects (civil, mechanical and electrical engineering) such as building design and construction, renovations, etc., through the wide network of engineer partners we maintain.

The company provides advisory services mostly in real estate development and property investments. We also consult commercial companies wishing to enter the retail market, to relocate and renegotiate renegotiated terms and leasing issues. Besides, the company provides consulting services on financial and funding issues about property investments (mostly industrial and tourist investments), NSRF programs of the European Union, feasibility and sustainability  studies of investments and businesses.

All in One Property Services
New concept, new ways of cooperation … Instruct us your specific wishes, set us the desired results and the context of our responsibilities and leave the rest to us. This service is mainly targeted at foreigners and generally investors with new perspective about management of real assets. Our specialized collaborators (engineers, lawyers, notaries, etc.) will ensure the desired results with your least possible participation. All the actions are assigned to market professionals and saves you from time consuming procedures, paperwork, efforts, valuable time and money. All services or a large part of them are entrusted to us based on a specific written agreement that lists all of our actions.

Green Energy

Brokerage and consulting, design and construction services in the fastest growing industry today in Greece. The company mediates the purchase or sale of existing licenses and the installed operating plants of renewable energy, particularly solar farms, having the experience by the construction and the participation of the founders to a significant number of solar power plants in operation. For more information contact us by clicking here.